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Henrik Skydtsgaard

Henrik Skydtsgaard has worked for over 15 years at the very core of the Microsoft Dynamics software development world. From 1997 he worked in the Dynamics NAV Manufacturing team, where he actively participated in envisioning, implementing and maintaining major parts of the Supply Chain solution that to this day exists in the world-wide sold product.

With NAV established as a player and expanding into the e-business domain, Henrik joined the NAV Commerce Gateway team, and contributed to elevate the Dynamics NAV integration to Microsoft BizTalk Server to .NET. From there, there was a natural transition to work in his last role in the Dynamics NAV world: being part of the core client team, where he most notably authored and developed the patented technology that enables transformation from the classic NAV client forms to pages in the NAV Role Tailored Client. 

After more than a decade, he took on a new challenge, using his functional and programming skills to become the technical responsible for Dynamics CRM in a large financial institution in Denmark.


Henrik has been active in the Dynamics blogging/user community, providing answers and insight to partners and fans of these products over the years.


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